Climate “Communicators” Say Best Way to Persuade Voters About Global Warming Is to Lie to Them

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(Natural News)—Blue Rose Research data scientist David Shor recently conducted a poll on the best and worst forms of public messaging about climate change. He found that the most effective climate “communicators” are those who point-blank lie to the public about global warming.

Shor did not say it this way, of course, and we are not speaking for him on the subject. What we are saying is that everything in the “best” messaging column is a lie if you actually look into it.

According to the poll, the “best messages ever tested” include the following false claims about the “benefits” of climate tyranny:

  1. Lowered energy costs
  2. Lowered kitchen sink costs
  3. Creation of stable jobs
  4. Investments in transit, infrastructure and manufacturing
  5. Research and development (R&D) for clean energy

All of this is fluff talk, meaning none of these things actually happen when the government drops the climate hammer. In fact, the opposite is usually true as “green” energy is costly, inefficient and highly politicized for societal division.

The “lefties” are programmed to love all things green while the “righties” are programmed to hate them. The truth, meanwhile, is that earth-based “fossil” fuels are abundant, cheap and a really good bet for creating stability and prosperity for all – and they can also be used cleanly, despite what the greenies claim to the contrary.

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Green is not the way

Watts Up With That published a report about the lies of the “best” column in Shor’s poll. It provides a breakdown of the falsities.

Concerning lowered energy and kitchen sink costs, author Charles Rotter explains that consumers in the greenest areas of the world – this includes California, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany – pay among the highest energy prices, especially compared to places where green energy is barely or not a thing.

As for the creation of “good, stable jobs,” the green agenda is a poster child for what not to do:

“Employees of Solyndra, Proterra, Fisker, Arrival UK, or any large industry in Germany, the list goes on, may have a different take, not to mention pipeline and construction workers,” Rotter explains.

The California High Speed Rail disaster is another example of green gone bad. Like other green projects of a similar nature, California’s rail pipe dream is “no more beneficial to the overall economy than if you simply paid one group of workers to dig holes and another group to fill them back up again,” to quote Rotter.

Green R&D into “clean energy” is another hoax in that it represents a lot of money being wasted “to fight the laws of thermodynamics, detract from economic growth, raise energy prices, (and) create environmental devastation.” Traditional energy, meanwhile, creates “stable, dispatchable, small environmental footprint baseload power,” Rotter says.

What about the bad messaging, you might be asking? Here we go:

“Worst messages tested: electric cars, Green New Deal, frontline communities, ‘Big Oil lied,’ climate pollution

Talking about electric cars is especially deadly for Democrats. Women in particular are frightened of batteries running out. (Interesting gendered spin on range anxiety I hadn’t thought about before).”

The Green New Deal is an especially bad talking point for the greens because it is associated with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) who first introduced it in 2019, as well as with “bans on burgers and flying, and in particular provoked a fear of making energy expensive,” to quote the poll’s findings.

Man-made global warming is a lie designed to strip you of all freedom and liberty. Learn more at

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