Missouri State Requires All Dairy Cows in the Fair Be Tested for Bird Flu

July 9, 2024   |   Tags:

(SHTF Plan)—The state of Missouri is now requiring all fair dairy cows to be tested with inappropriate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for bird flu. The Missouri Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday that dairy cows exhibited during the fair, which runs August 8th-18th in Sedalia, must test negative for H5N1 influenza.

According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association, while H5N1 is associated with a high morbidity and mortality rate in birds, most affected dairy cattle recover with supportive treatment, and their mortality and culling rate is at 2% or less.

H5N1 has been responsible for an excuse that the ruling class uses in order to proceed with the culling of poultry. Now it’s being used to fear-monger dairy products, and continue to blast meat and eggs.

“These health requirements are in place for the 2024 Missouri State Fair in an effort to protect the dairy industry and all of agriculture,” said Missouri State Veterinarian Steve Strubberg. “There have been no cases of H5N1 influenza detected in Missouri dairy cattle. Still, we want to operate in a manner of caution while allowing dairy exhibitors the opportunity to show their animals.”

There have been five human cases of bird flu recorded, four of which have happened since January. Two cases have been recorded in Michigan, one in Colorado, and another in Texas.

“People should also avoid unprotected exposures to animal poop, bedding (litter), unpasteurized (“raw”) milk, or materials that have been touched by, or close to, birds or other animals with suspected or confirmed A(H5N1) virus,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said according to KSDK5, an NBC News affiliate.

Once bird flu enters the “mass testing” phase, we know that cases will spring up everywhere and make the plandemic appear to be more widespread, even though PCR tests are not diagnostic tools. 

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