June 3, 2023 11:51 am

WATCH: Innocent Veteran Homeowner Calls 911 to Report Burglary, Cops Show Up and Execute Him

Charles Sharp III served his country in the military only to have his life taken by that country when he asked for help. Mantua, NJ — In an appalling incident that shatters the illusion of safety ostensibly provided by America’s mandatory securit…

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June 2, 2023 5:59 am

Cop Persecuted by Dept for Exposing ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards for Connected Class

These are not mere metaphors, but literal ‘courtesy cards’ Known as blue privilege, there is an unwritten law among police officers: when they catch their fellow cop, or even their fellow cop’s family member or friend, breaking the la…


June 1, 2023 6:54 am

Despite Animal Rescuers Being at the Scene, Cops Shoot 2 Family Dogs, Claiming They Held Up Traffic (Video)

Contrary to the official statement, the dogs were reportedly on the side of the road, not impeding traffic when they were shot. Heyburn, ID — In yet another terrible display of state authority over compassion, police carried out a despicable act of pup…

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May 31, 2023 11:20 am

Admitted Child Predator Cop Has Conviction Thrown Out Only to Be Busted AGAIN, Hit with 50 Charges

He posed as a child on Facebook to prey on children and was also raping a 10-year-old foster child. Douglas County, OR — In a damning revelation that unearths the shocking depths of institutional corruption and an absolute travesty of justice, a former…

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May 30, 2023 9:12 am

11-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 For Help Protecting His Mom, Cops Show Up & Put A Bullet In His Chest

An 11-year-old boy called police for help to protect his mother and cops showed up and shot him in the chest. Indianola, MS — In yet another alarming example of the perils associated with dialing 911 for help, an unarmed 11-year-old boy found himself i…


May 26, 2023 10:16 am

Harvard Researchers Expose Google Targeting & Manipulating the Minds of Children

Google’s colossal psyop targets children through platforms like YouTube and beyond. With the curtain pulled back on the Twitter files this year, the gears of the debate machine have been grinding relentlessly on the topic of censorship and percei…


May 25, 2023 3:25 pm

WATCH: Crazed Cop Attacks & Falsely Arrests Kid But Unlike the Cop, The Video Doesn’t Lie

The video is yet another disturbing reminder of the misuse of power that’s all too common within America’s security force. Cody, WY — The disquieting reality of overzealous policing was recently displayed in Wyoming when a traffic stop of a…

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May 24, 2023 2:42 pm

Taxpayers Shell Out Record $19 Million After Cops Jump on Innocent Man’s Car Hood & Execute Him

“These officers took a gentle, peaceful soul and extinguished it simply because it was ‘time to move the night on.’” Clear Creek, CO — Last year, Christian Glass, a young man of just 22, lost his life in a cruel encounter with police, despite his…

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May 23, 2023 7:39 am

Georgia Cop Gets Life in Prison After Killing Woman for Insulting the Size of His Manhood

In response to the insult, Cunningham executed Harrington with a point-blank shot to her head. Richmond County, GA — Exposing an unmistakable tale of betrayal and a dark abuse of power, Jason Cunningham, a disgraced Richmond County Sheriff’s Depu…


May 22, 2023 11:09 am

Native American Man Executed by Border Patrol After Calling Them for Help (Video)

Help called Border Patrol to report trespassing migrants…. Arizona — In an alarming and heartbreaking incident, an esteemed member of the Tohono O’odham community was brutally shot down by Border Patrol agents last week. The tragic story ex…

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May 20, 2023 11:41 am

Taxpayers Shell Out $400K After School Cops Beat Child, Then Framed Him

Cellphone video evidence conflicted with the version of events given by deputies and exonerated him. Riverside County, CA — Another chilling incident showcasing the deeply entrenched culture of abuse and deceit within the American law enforcement mixtu…


May 20, 2023 11:33 am

‘You Have a Crack Pipe in Your Hand’: Politician Found Passed Out While Smoking Fentanyl-Laced Crack

The scene is a jarring glimpse into the realities of the drug epidemic that plagues America. Cranston, RI — The rampant hypocrisy and double standards often seen in the world of politics took a hard hit recently when police in Rhode Island, in a rare m…


May 19, 2023 2:51 pm

WATCH: Cops Raid LEGAL Cannabis Farm & Execute Man’s Leashed Dog

The video of this appalling act has gone viral, leading to widespread outrage and backlash. Trinity County, CA — In an infuriating and utterly horrifying incident that lays bare the problematic reality of America’s drug war, law enforcement autho…

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May 19, 2023 2:29 pm

WATCH: 2 Different Cops Drive By an Armed Robbery in Progress & Completely Ignore It

With cops like these, who needs criminals. Sacramento, CA — In a glaring example of the woeful incompetence of America’s monopoly on security, a family-owned clothing boutique in North Sacramento was left to the mercy of brazen thieves last Wedne…

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