May 18, 2023 8:03 pm

While We Were Sleeping

Unless you were in a coma, you are aware that there has been a lot of stuff going on in the world. Difficult to keep […]

May 2, 2023 8:00 pm

Men of the West, On the Cusp

So here we be, again. On the cusp, I would say. Four thousand years of Western Civilization at risk. On the verge. The eve of […]

April 24, 2023 8:02 pm

In Our Time

I look into the sleeping face of my four-month-old granddaughter and find myself considering the fact that in a few days it will be the […]

April 17, 2023 8:02 pm

The Worst Conspiracy of All

The worst, most diabolical and very baddest conspiracy theory of all is the one that says, “even if it’s real, it doesn’t matter.”  Everyone—that is, […]

April 13, 2023 8:04 pm

What the Hippies Have To Teach Us . . .

Most people who self-identify as conservative, libertarian, or even just those who are right-leaning and watch Tucker Carlson or read websites like American Greatness, can […]