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My name is Chris Future, and I’ve been running the Freedom Bunker since 2005. Back then we were a podcast called the THINKfuture Radio Show. We’ve since evolved into a YouTube channel and a blog with a singular purpose: to unite liberty activists no matter your current affiliation. You know what we are talking about. Either you’ve been involved in politics awhile and are unhappy with the direction this country is moving, or you’ve recently realized that we are rushing headlong down a slippery slope to communism or even fascism. Some may even say that we are already there. How far we’ve come from the founders vision of America!

We stay stop. We libertarians, tea party activists, fiscal conservatives, Ron Paul supporters, disheartened Democrats or Republicans are all looking for the same things: more freedom and less government. We are tired of the state reaching into our pockets and telling us what to do, day after day after day. We see that things are only getting worse, not better. And like us, you are tired of the talk and are ready for action.

The latest election showed that the Republican Party has lost its way and is ripe for change in order to stay relevant and true to the original vision of America. We propose a more-or-less peaceful takeover of the GOP, a rebooting the Republican Party.

We will build a new Republican party from the ground up, focused on fiscal responsibility. A new Republican party, which respects free speech, free markets and limited government. A new GOP, one that focuses on the issues that will truly kill us – like the fiscal issues (debt, spending and taxation) – and de-focuses the social issues, which by all intents and purposes are not really social issues but personal issues anyways. We open up the biggest tent possible – if you love liberty and hate the government telling you what you can and cannot do, and the way it never stops taking from you, this is the place for you.

OK enough talk. Time for action. Here is how you can help:

With Your Time:

  • Contact me now and we can set you up as a blogger, honor us with a guest post or two and we can go from there
  • If you have more time to spare or more things to say, we can set you up as a staff blogger. We can’t pay you at the moment but as soon as we can we will. Be great to see at least a post each weekday. If you are anything like me then you have a lot to say!

With Your Money:

  • We understand that money is tight, but if you are able, you can help the Bunker in other ways: you can buy a copy of the BunkerBook, either in Kindle or paperback format.
  • You can donate to us below.  All of the proceeds will go towards expanding our reach and vision:

Thanks for reading – we hope to hear from you soon.


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