April 16, 2022 5:01 am

Freedom is Tyranny: Robert Reich Goes Full Orwellian in Anti-Free Speech Screed

The political and media elite shared ideas on how to expand censorship and control what people read or viewed in the news. The same figures are now alarmed that Elon Musk could gain greater influence over Twitter and, perish the thought, restore free s…

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April 5, 2022 2:01 pm

Hilleary formed a conspiracy to undermine Trump

In a court filing late Monday night, the special counsel investigating the origins of the Obama administration’s investigation into the now-debunked charge of Trump-Russia collusion clearly stated where all the evidence he has gathered leads: Hil…

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April 3, 2022 9:01 am

Chelsea Clinton: ‘ALL Republicans – Even Black Conservatives – Are White Supremacists’

  Chelsea Clinton has accused the Republican Party and all of its members, including black Conservatives, of being “white supremacists.”   Co-host Anna Navarro said: “I remembered a couple of weeks ago, when we started talking about this, I s…

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March 25, 2022 1:15 pm

Trump sues Hillary Clinton for false ‘Russia collusion’ claims

While criminal counts may never develop against some of the highest-profile Democrats involved in their scandalous creation of the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory against then-candidate

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March 17, 2022 1:01 pm

Hillary peddles dubious hate-crime narrative on anniversary of Atlanta shootings

Hillary Clinton used the anniversary of the Atlanta spa shootings to foster a dubious narrative that Donald Trump prompted an increase in violence against Asian

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March 10, 2022 7:01 pm

Putin’s 2 ‘unknown unknowns’

The late Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was known for making controversial and sometimes nonsensical comments that caused listeners to reflect upon the intended meaning.

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