January 27, 2022 10:35 am

Top Prolife Group Demands Romney Stop Supporting Abortion Advocate To Head FDA

Earlier this month, Romney was one of four Republicans who voted to advance Robert Califf’s nomination to lead the FDA.

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January 19, 2022 2:00 am

Large Hospital System Uses Race To Decide Whether A Person Gets Covid Treatment

A risk calculator from SSM Health awards Covid patients seven extra priority points for being ‘non-white or Hispanic.’

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January 14, 2022 12:25 pm

Health Insurers Forced To Cover Rapid COVID-19 Tests Even Though They Don’t Know How

While the rule is set to go into effect this weekend, companies are scrambling to figure out how to cover or reimburse people for the tests.

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January 12, 2022 10:30 am

The FDA Finally Liberates French Dressing from 72-Year-Old Ingredient Mandates

Why? A better question was why they were ever involved in the first place.

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January 12, 2022 2:25 am

Injury, Infertility, And Death From Chemical Abortions Are A-OK With The FDA

And seven other things that Big Abortion doesn’t want you to know about its love of death by mail for tiny children and sometimes even their mothers.

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January 11, 2022 6:31 am

Biden’s Plan To Make At-Home COVID-19 Tests More Expensive and Harder To Find

Plus: Waiting lists for public defenders, inflation boogeymen, and more…

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January 7, 2022 6:30 am

Mandatory GMO Disclosure Doesn’t Sway Shopping Habits (But Will Drive Up Costs)

Plus: Questioning paranoia about smartphones and attention spans, new small business creation is thriving, and more…

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January 7, 2022 6:30 am

Legal Win for Transparency: Judge orders Pfizer documents released in 8 months, not the 75 years FDA requested

U.S. District Judge Mark T. Pittman didn’t buy the FDA’s arguments and ruled those documents to be fully released this year.

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January 4, 2022 2:20 am

Pressure To Give Preschoolers Covid Shots Could Shatter Public Trust In Vaccines

It seems as if regulators consider the risk-benefit analysis less important than getting jabs into as many people’s bodies as possible.

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December 28, 2021 6:45 am

FDA Admits Home PCR Test Kits Contain Known ‘Hazardous’ Drug

The FDA media sheet admits the “solution in the tube contains a hazardous ingredient” that is known to cause organ failure and death.

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December 22, 2021 11:30 am

FDA Finally Gets Around to Approving Pfizer’s Anti-COVID Pill

It’s another case of bureaucratic incompetence as the omicron wave surges.

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December 22, 2021 6:30 am

Biden’s Plan To Fight Omicron With Mass Testing Is Laughable Given the FDA’s Approval Failures

Plus: Criminals have stolen $100 billion in pandemic relief funds, and colleges are planning to go virtual once again.

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