March 15, 2022 5:00 am

Biden Has His Eye on Bitcoin

The president’s anticipated executive order stopped short of feared regulations but suggests federal unease with uncontrolled development.

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March 11, 2022 2:35 am

Why Cutting Russia Off From Global Banking Will Bite The United States

The overuse of financial sanctions risks much of the world losing confidence in the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

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March 10, 2022 8:01 am

Vast majority say inflation from Biden’s policies is hurting them

It was a report in the New York Post just this week that said Joe Biden’s “own policies” are to blame for surging inflation in

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March 8, 2022 5:01 pm

Is Putin the New Coronavirus?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fortunately for Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is replacing COVID as a ready-made excuse for their failures and a justification for expanding their power. Even before politicians be…

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March 8, 2022 3:20 am

Republicans Are Successfully Blocking Biden Nominees, And His SCOTUS Pick Could Be Next

The Senate Banking Committee successfully used the Rule 26 tactic to block Sarah Bloom Raskin. Is Ketanji Brown Jackson next?

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February 23, 2022 2:10 am

The Real Cause Of Inflation Is Insane Insane Deficit Spending

Watching the screen on a gas pump while filling your vehicle’s tank is liable to induce a panic attack. Paying for a used car almost requires taking out a second mortgage. Speaking of mortgages, members of the middle class are being priced out of the h…

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February 21, 2022 2:15 am

The Ruling Class’s Inflationary Policies Hurt America’s Working Class The Most

The Biden administration continues to advocate for its tax-and-spend agenda, ignoring the fact that massive money-printing has left many Americans worse off.

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February 17, 2022 11:00 am

How Did the Fed Not Anticipate the Inflation Surge?

We were told it would be “transitory.” But inflation continued to rise.

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February 14, 2022 11:40 am

Are Financial Regulators Too Political, or Not Political Enough?

Regulatory agencies were never designed to be political, but the tables have turned.

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February 14, 2022 2:20 am

Sarah Bloom Raskin Would Further Wreck The American Economy At The Fed

President Joe Biden’s nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin to serve as Federal Reserve vice chair for supervision represents a danger to American jobs and American energy. The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs should reject her nomina…

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