April 18, 2024 5:09 am

Why Ross Ulbricht Must Be Pardoned

I’ve written about Ross Ulbricht before, but I want as many people as possible to know about this horrible miscarriage of justice.

I’ll be brief, but I want you to have the facts. I think they matter a great deal, not only for getting Ross out of pr…


April 18, 2024 4:32 am

Why Americans Shouldn’t Respect Offices or Laws

It has become a common belief among Americans that they should “respect the office” of an official, even if they don’t respect the person holding that office. The same, of course, goes for “the law.” And while I understand that people saying such thing…


April 18, 2024 12:42 am

What Geniuses Believe

It struck me some time ago that the people we think of as “geniuses” tend to arrive, over time, at surprisingly similar sets of conclusions. It further strikes me that a simple list of such thoughts might be of value.

And so, here is a list pulled f…


April 17, 2024 10:00 pm

Why I Don’t Care About Secret Bad Guys

Millions of decent people are wasting their time and energy, trying to identify the secret bad guys of the world, then prove that they’re right.
What I want to say is that it’s a magnificent waste. Even worse, monster hunts keep people with strong eth…


April 14, 2024 10:00 pm

Single Issues Will Now Be Available

Starting Tuesday, April 16th, you’ll be able to buy single issues of our Free-Man’s Perspective and Parallel Society subscription newsletters.
Over time our subscription model evolved into a fairly large all-or-nothing deal: subscribe and get 150+ is…


April 13, 2024 1:00 pm

Do You Have A Plan For Improving Your Spouse?

All of us with husbands and wives are beautifully positioned to make them better human beings. Unfortunately, many of us are squandering the opportunity.
Today I’d like to help fix that.
With the possible exception of your children, there is no one…


April 13, 2024 4:00 am

The Wages of Perpetual Fear

(Originally published August 31, 2020.)
I’ve gone on for a long time about fear making humans stupid, and even about it being a weapon and a brain poison. But I’ve also wondered at times whether people would hit fear-fatigue… that point where people…


April 11, 2024 3:55 pm

Why Idealism Leads to Death

(Originally published August 24, 2020.)
With violent idealists roaming streets, burning things, enjoying the fact that they can scare people and so on, I think a brief explanation of how idealism leads to death (and frequently to mass death) is in ord…


April 11, 2024 4:01 am

The New Age of Intelligence

In 2014, Jonathan Logan and I started on this book, ultimately releasing it in 2016. Being involved in online privacy on a daily basis at cryptohippie.com, we saw where things were headed and decided that we had to warn people. Still, I had hopes that …


April 9, 2024 6:56 am

Podcast: On Shame

“Shame,” wrote psychologist Silvan Tomkins, “strikes deepest into the heart of man… it is felt as a sickness of the soul which leaves man naked, defeated, alienated, and lacking in dignity.”
Shame is the great barrier that keeps people from acting a…


April 9, 2024 4:01 am

The Barbarians Have Taken The Institutions

(Originally published July 22, 2020.)
Let’s be honest about something: We in the West have been overrun by a tidal wave of racial hatred, and it erupted from institutions “of higher learning.” Whatever exceptions may exist, this central fact is clear…


April 7, 2024 10:00 pm

Bitcoin’s One Billionth Transaction

As I write this, Bitcoin has just passed 985 million transactions. A quick, “back of the envelope” calculation says that it will process its one billionth transaction in six or seven weeks… somewhere around May 20th. I think this is a milestone we sh…


April 6, 2024 4:02 am

To Be Young and Headed to the Stars

I would pay dearly for young people to feel what it was like to be a scientifically minded child in the 1960s. It was a special and beautiful moment. Each week there was a new step toward the stars. And this was not science fiction, this was real. Ther…


April 5, 2024 9:41 pm

The Ultimate Crime

The biggest crimes stand in the open; what prevents people from seeing them is simply their size and the fact that they are crimes. We can’t believe that such large evils are possible. They have to be explicable some other way. And so we notice them fo…