February 7, 2023 12:00 am

Here’s How To Survive Biden’s State Of The Union

It will all sound very scary to viewers who will rightly begin to question their own sanity.

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February 6, 2023 6:55 am

Ron DeSantis Wants $12 Million To Transport Migrants ‘From Any Point’ in the U.S.

The Florida governor wants to fund more migrant stunts, despite claiming that his budget will “keep more money in the pockets of Floridians.”

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February 4, 2023 3:57 pm

The Continuing Relevance of Frederick Douglass

Douglass is best-known for his role in the abolitionist movement that helped end slavery. But much of his thought is also relevant to contemporary issues.

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February 3, 2023 1:11 pm

Homeland Security Wants To Protect Us From Foreign Bands

A new proposal to more than triple visa entry fees for performers will harm American audiences and culture.

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February 2, 2023 7:45 am

National Conservatives Can’t Find a Good Excuse for Viktor Orbán’s Inflation Disaster

Hungary’s inflation hits 24.5 percent—the highest in the European Union—and Orbán’s price controls aren’t helping.

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February 1, 2023 8:02 pm

The Unacceptable Cost of Open-Border Mission Creep

One of the pitfalls of political extremism is that a few bad foundational ideas beget a host of even worse ideas and results. Such is […]


January 31, 2023 9:30 am

DeSantis Revokes Licenses From Businesses That Fail To Use Flawed E-Verify System

Floridians will bear the cost of DeSantis currying favor with immigration restrictionists.

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January 31, 2023 12:05 am

Biden’s Insane Border Plan Counts On Foreign Adversaries To Rigorously Vet Migrants

No one can expect Cuba, Nicaragua, or Venezuela to happily run criminal histories, even if they had the capacity to do so.

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January 28, 2023 11:09 pm

‘Conservative’ Republicans For Amnesty For Illegals

Everyone knows that Democrats and Biden want a wide open US border – as a way to ‘solve’ the border crisis – but there are plenty of Republican ‘conservatives’ that line up with the agenda to replace White Americans as well. GOP member Maria Salazar r…

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January 26, 2023 1:00 pm

A Historic Refugee Crisis Miscast As a Border Emergency

Providing legal ways to work or seek protection in America is the only viable way to reduce illegal immigration.

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January 25, 2023 8:03 pm

Big-City Mayors Get Border-Wise, Policy Foolish

If the last two years of our self-inflicted border crisis have taught us anything, it’s that many of our elected leaders will never abandon their […]


January 25, 2023 1:15 pm

Twenty Red States File Badly Flawed Lawsuit Seeking to Terminate Private Sponsorship Program for People Fleeing Socialism and Oppression in Four Latin American Nations

The flaws in the states’ position are revealed by their own governors’ statements about the evils of socialism and the crisis at the border.

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