January 24, 2023 5:00 pm

Guest column: Do Americans still value freedom?

By Edward Hudgins, originally published 4 July 2001. Worth reading again after two decades! Think about these things, and why they are! America is a unique country, founded on the principle that we are endowed with “certain unalienable Rights, that among … Continue reading

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January 23, 2023 5:00 pm

Why do we love liberty?

We take it for granted. That is, those of us who are lovers of liberty: little-L libertarians, rational anarchists, free-market anarchists, even big-L Libertarians and minarchists. Classical liberals, even paleo-conservatives. We think that liberty – human liberty – is a … Continue reading

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January 20, 2023 5:00 pm

Fourth Reich (Vierte Reich) on the horizon?

The EU, Breitbart reports, is working quickly to assimilate the “Western Balkans” while issuing such stirring statements about a future imperium. “Enlargement policy is among the top three priorities of EU leaders,” EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi … Continue reading

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January 3, 2023 5:00 pm

Why do we have liberty? freedom?

Liberty, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary online, is “the quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases, b : freedom from physical restraint, c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control, d : the positive enjoyment of … Continue reading

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December 31, 2022 5:00 pm

Some fun – wishing all a happy new year!

As we come to an end of 2022, truly a horrible year in so many ways, we need to stop, take a deep breath, and smile. Totally unlike what Mama Liberty and we other members of TPOL have almost always … Continue reading

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December 13, 2022 5:00 pm

Anarchy, tyranny, and liberty

Too many of us get confused on the basics of life, the universe, and everything. Especially these three concepts. Let’s dive in. Many of us find ourselves defining key concepts in a lot of different ways. All three of these … Continue reading

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December 8, 2022 3:58 am

In The Room With Lee Edwards And The Greatest Generation Of Conservatism

It’s tempting to dismiss the old guard as irrelevant, but a recent gathering in D.C. of a few happy warriors reminded me how distorted that view is.

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November 24, 2022 5:00 pm

A Baker’s Dozen ™ reasons for lovers of liberty to be thankful in 2022

Our greetings for a happy Thanksgiving, despite government and all the rest. Rejoice in the liberty we have, and work to restore what we have lost.  Debby, Gareth and Andrea, Matthias and Kaylynn and I are all praying for you … Continue reading

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November 14, 2022 4:05 am

Free Speech Dies Because We Stop Speaking Freely, Not The Other Way Around

It is ordinary Americans who are most to blame for censorship, because citizens are the ultimate defense against suppression of speech.

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November 4, 2022 4:01 am

No, Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Porn In Schools

Free speech is not freedom to degrade public morals and destroy the order necessary for liberty. Some speech is beyond the pale.

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October 17, 2022 2:10 pm

The Press Idolizes Politicians. Instead, It Needs To Hold Them Accountable.

Newspapers deserve a great deal of credit for the expansion of freedom over the past 200 years. But the media have lost credibility.

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September 28, 2022 5:00 pm

Do not become slaves of men

A guest commentary by Stuart Hall, originally published at Pistos.com, 24 SEP 2022. Primarily religious (christian) in content, it applies to all lovers of liberty, christian or not. TPOL has done some stylistic editing and made some further comments in … Continue reading

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