September 22, 2023 5:36 pm

Trump bungles answer to journo’s question: ‘Can a man become a woman?’

Who would have thought that Donald Trump would have a tough time answering the question: “Can a man become a woman?” But last week, Trump


September 22, 2023 5:18 pm

West Point Sued After Director of Admissions Brags About What Happens to White Applicants

When Ibram X. Kendi’s preposterous thesis that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination” becomes mainstream practice, you know things are upside down. Kendi is the author of […]
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September 22, 2023 4:00 pm

Media Let Biden Take Credit for Pause in Border Crisis. Now They’re Letting Him Shift Blame.

When illegal immigration unexpectedly dipped a few months ago, Democrats and the mainstream media were quick to credit President Joe Biden. Now that the migration crisis has come back as bad as ever, the media have resumed blaming factors outside the p…


September 22, 2023 3:52 pm

Gov’t schools’ doom loop: Good teachers quit while the nuts remain

It’s not easy being a public school teacher these days. Not only must they contend with often-conflicting demands from school boards and parents, but they


September 22, 2023 3:36 pm

You do understand that ‘normal’ is never coming back, right?

Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. (2 Peter 3:6 KJV) Well, “normal” is normally overrated, anyway. Besides, normal is a


September 22, 2023 3:21 pm

Don’t let the ‘old man’ in!

Awhile back I read an article about Clint Eastwood and Toby Keith golfing together at a charity tournament. Impressed at how active Eastwood was at


September 22, 2023 2:46 pm

IRS Whistleblower Exposes DOJ’s Attempt to Stop Special Counsel from Charging Hunter Biden

A third Internal Revenue Service whistleblower came forward to confirm that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, before being named special counsel, faced roadblocks from the Justice Department in seeking to prosecute […]
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September 22, 2023 2:36 pm

Arab ‘influencers’ STILL promoting conspiracy theories about 9/11

Only days ago, America marked the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by Muslim extremists who hijacked jets and killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. There’s


September 22, 2023 1:50 pm

WATCH: Biden Takes a Victory Lap on the Border Right Before It Explodes

After a surge in border crossings predicted by Republicans in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s May rescinding of Title 42 did not immediately materialize, the White House celebrated its supposedly successful border policy. This week, however, ill…


September 22, 2023 1:30 pm

‘American Cities Need Republicans’: Dallas’s Democratic Mayor Announces He’s Switching to GOP

The Democratic mayor of Dallas is becoming a Republican, saying the “future of America’s great urban centers” relies on mayors who “champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism.”
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September 22, 2023 1:12 pm

Endless Congressional Spending Has Been Plaguing Us for Decades: It All Started in 1971

The U.S. national debt has increased by $300,000 since I began writing this sentence. Every 30 seconds, another $1 million tacks onto a debt that now exceeds $33 trillion. In […]
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September 22, 2023 1:07 pm

Move to green energy blocked by rules against having roads

Everywhere activists, corporations, government officials, even consumers are talking about green energy. The idea is to move away from fossil fuels, because of a climate


September 22, 2023 12:45 pm

Judge Slams Biden Admin’s ‘Political’ Move To Restrict Gas Drilling

A federal judge rejected and criticized a move by the Biden administration to restrict oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico, calling it a “political” move and ordering the government to remove the restrictions.
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September 22, 2023 12:10 pm

Disney Fired Beijing Staff Just Before GOP China Hawk Questioned CEO: Report

Disney fired hundreds of employees in China earlier this year, days before CEO Bob Iger was scheduled to meet with Rep. Mike Gallagher (R., Wis.), chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party.
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