July 25, 2022 1:57 pm

Did Congress Just Attempt To Do Its Job?

Plus: The editors each consider a book they might secretly want to write one day.

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July 22, 2022 4:52 am

As With Jumping Off A Cliff, So With Supporting Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Don’t Just Follow The Majority

Just because everyone is hurling themselves off a cliff doesn’t mean you should too. The same goes for supporting same-sex marriage.

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July 21, 2022 4:35 am

No, J. Lo. Taking New Husband Ben Affleck’s Name Wasn’t An Act Of Patriarchy

For a woman to take her husband’s name is a statement of confidence, not just in herself but in her husband and in her marriage.

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July 20, 2022 1:15 pm

Marco Rubio Says He Won’t Vote To Eliminate the Defense of Marriage Act, But His Explanation Makes No Sense

Rubio says states should decide marriage laws, but DOMA is a federal law that overruled state regulation.

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July 19, 2022 4:40 am

Defenders Of Traditional Marriage Should Follow The Pro-Life Playbook

Traditional marriage advocates must shift tactics. We must make heart-changing, pro-marriage arguments based on the rights of children.

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July 18, 2022 11:06 am

‘Eve In Exile’ Is The Pep Talk Conservative Women Need To Hear

A new documentary offers a Bible-based path to reclaim femininity but lacks a range of individual stories and practical advice.

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July 18, 2022 4:28 am

Here’s How The Post-Roe Right Can Reverse Anti-Family Government Policies

Republicans must launch a platform of pro-family, pro-children, and anti-abortion policies for post-Roe America.

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July 11, 2022 1:31 pm

Utah Online Marriages “Upend” Israeli Marriage Debates

[UPDATE: Though this is a practically important matter, it also just cries out “joke fodder” to me. I have no idea how it would go (“a rabbi, a Mormon, and a bride walk into a bar …”?), but I can just feel there’s something there! Please post your candidates in the comments.] From Times of…

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June 23, 2022 4:58 am

Women Don’t Need To Make A Lot Of Money To Start A Family

Another day, another blue check wondering why things Americans used to take for granted seem to be out of reach, even as they promote the very changes in cultural norms and values that have led to rising costs for families and fewer babies being born. …

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June 15, 2022 3:00 am

There Is One Pro-Women Camp In American Politics, And It’s The Right

Every major political platform of the left is unabashedly antithetical to the protection, celebration, and dignity of womanhood.

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May 31, 2022 2:35 am

Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children

Children are the ultimate victims of the theological battle the progressive church is waging against itself.

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May 23, 2022 3:20 am

The Left Has Effectively Banned Christian Kids From Public Pools, Libraries, And Summer Camps

Forcing children to sleep and undress next to kids of the opposite sex effectively puts up a ‘Christian kids need not apply’ sign on public recreation activities.

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April 25, 2022 2:20 am

How Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Relationship Epitomizes Our Culture’s Sexual Dysfunction

Men and women are not in competition with each other, and toxic masculinity isn’t magically redeemed when women do it.

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