September 20, 2022 4:00 am

Today in Supreme Court History: September 20, 1968

9/20/1968: The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission denied a certificate of no exterior effect to the Penn Central Transportation Co. The Supreme Court found that the City of New York did not violate the Takings Clause in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York (1978).

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September 19, 2022 1:33 pm

American Enterprise Institute Endorses J6 Committee By Honoring Liz Cheney At Constitution Day Event

The online lecture will be held Monday evening to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787.

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September 19, 2022 8:20 am

The Will to Power Was Front and Center at NatCon III

What differentiates national conservatives from some other right-wing varietals is the desire to use government to destroy their enemies.

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September 17, 2022 4:00 am

Today in Supreme Court History: September 17, 1787

9/17/1787: The Constitution is signed. Happy Constitution Day!

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September 16, 2022 9:41 am

Left-Wing Martha’s Vineyard Elites Deport Illegal Immigrants After Just 24 Hours

The 50 new arrivals on Martha’s Vineyard are being deported to the Joint Base Cape Cod located on mainland Massachusetts.

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September 16, 2022 6:59 am

Local Officials Wanted Martha’s Vineyard To Be A ‘Haven’ For Illegals, Until Migrants Actually Arrived

County officials called migrants’ arrival a ‘humanitarian crisis,’ contradicting claims of wanting Martha’s Vineyard to be a migrant ‘haven.’

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September 16, 2022 4:00 am

Today in Supreme Court History: September 16, 1787

9/16/1787: The Constitutional Convention finalizes Constitution.

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September 16, 2022 2:15 am

New Alaska Senate Poll Reveals Lisa Murkowski Neck-and-Neck With Kelly Tshibaka

‘It is an understatement to call that within the margin of error,’ the pollsters wrote of the final vote count.

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September 16, 2022 2:10 am

The ‘MAGA Republican’ Smear Is About Turning Democrats’ Political Opponents Into The Government’s Enemy

President Joe Biden, his administration, and his allies are making clear that ‘MAGA Republicans’ are persona non grata in America.

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September 15, 2022 11:08 am

10 Even More Awesome Places To Send Illegal Immigrants (Besides Deporting Them)

Here are 10 other destinations Abbott and DeSantis might consider for the next round of free transit offered to illegal immigrants.

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September 15, 2022 7:55 am

Left-Wingers Melt Down Over Diversity Brought To Martha’s Vineyard As Migrant ‘Sanctuary’

On Wednesday, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis joined Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to make clear every town’s a border town.

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