March 23, 2022 2:20 am

Babylon Bee Censorship Shows Why Fifth Circuit Should Uphold Texas’ Social Media Law

Earlier this week, Twitter locked the account of The Babylon Bee, a right-leaning parody site, after it awarded Rachel Levine, a transgender Biden administration official, the title of “man of the year” in reaction to USA Today naming Levine one of its…

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March 22, 2022 10:39 am

Twitter Bans Babylon Bee Staff, Charlie Kirk For Saying Men Are Men And Mocking Censorship

Twitter’s censorship ‘should terrify every American, even those who disagree with me. What they want is submission,’ Kirk said.

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March 22, 2022 6:50 am

Lambda Literary Awards Reject LGBTQ Author After She Defended a Friend Accused of Transphobia

“I am a queer woman, and I was silenced most of my life,” writes Lauren Hough, author of Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing.

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March 22, 2022 3:20 am

7 Times The Babylon Bee Reported History Before It Happened

The joke is on Twitter — not only is the Big Tech bully showing its ridiculous vendetta and giving the Bee a lot of publicity, it’s also helping the Bee’s prophesies come true.

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March 21, 2022 7:37 am

The Babylon Bee’s Twitter Resistance Is A Lesson In Taking On Tech Tyrants

‘Never censor yourself. Insist that 2 and 2 make 4 even if Twitter tries to compel you to say otherwise. Make them ban tens of millions of us.’

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March 21, 2022 3:20 am

The New York Times Doesn’t Care If You Know That Big Tech Helped Rig Joe Biden’s Election

There’s a whole lot of rats under this rug. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help your neighbors see them scurrying.

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March 21, 2022 3:10 am

How Twitter Contributed To David French’s Destruction Of His Own Character

French ended up in a flywheel in which more extreme rhetoric gets him more attention, which then draws more attacks, which leads to even more extreme rhetoric. 

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March 15, 2022 3:20 am

Here’s What Republicans Need To Do To Truly Take On Big Tech

Congress must get serious about obtaining answers needed to inform a comprehensive policy response. Here’s how.

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