April 13, 2022 3:01 pm

Deterrence, China, and the US

  The US should not use its military power to deter China from invading Taiwan. It is unnecessary, and anything more than what is already being done is more likely to help provoke a war than stop one. It might even be better to turn down US enthus…

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April 2, 2022 9:15 am

“You’d best start believing in nightmares, Ms. Swan. You’re in one.”

No, this isn’t another twisted, overblown bloated Corporate Media story about how Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is aiming to revive the Soviet Union. There’s already enough emotionalist pearl-clutching in traditional and social…

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March 26, 2022 6:01 am

WWIII? NATO To Take A MORE Aggressive Stance After ‘Emergency’ Brussels Summit

Reading Time: 1 minute More troops, more weapons, more interference. All this for a Non-NATO country. Also today: are you ready for 100,000 “refugees” fleeing Ukraine? FBI partners with social media to troll Russians. Airlines demand mask-f…

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March 8, 2022 5:01 pm

Is Putin the New Coronavirus?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fortunately for Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is replacing COVID as a ready-made excuse for their failures and a justification for expanding their power. Even before politicians be…

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